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How to wear… collars

Collars are the best way to update any outfit and to throw in a bit of your own personality! Here we have some different ways to wear them for all occasions! How do you wear yours?

Wrap star

We love nail art, but really don’t have the patience or precision skills to get the perfect results we dream of. This is why nail wraps are heaven sent! We tried Nail Rock’s super colourful ones which are stocked in … Continue reading

Airbrush with reality

Barefaced is a great believer in having confidence and being happy within yourself. As young women we are often faced with altered images in the media which can deplete some of those good feelings we may have about ourself. This … Continue reading

Show off your freckles

At Barefaced we love freckles. We may even jump on the bandwagon of some models who we’ve seen DRAW them on if they aren’t naturally blessed! So don’t hide them, flaunt them. Here’s how: Daytime Look Keep it simple. In this … Continue reading


Summer is approaching and the shelves are being stocked with fake tans already. Know the good from the bad and the ugly with a little help from Barefaced. Don’t end up like Ross from Friends. What is self tanner These “tans in … Continue reading

How to: do a waterfall plait

how to: in Ten easy steps 1. Start by brushing the hair flat and smooth. You can straighten hair beforehand to get rid of frizz. You can also slightly dampen it with water to make it easier to work with. 2. Take … Continue reading

Life as an Industry Blogger

Here at Barefaced we are addicted to blogs. So naturally we jumped at the chance to get an insight into the world of fashion blogger Mags Yip. Here she tells us of a typical day in the life… So some … Continue reading

A mermaid fair

Who would be A mermaid fair, Singing alone, Combing her hair Under the sea, In a golden curl With a comb of pearl, On a throne? I would be a mermaid fair; I would sing to myself the whole of … Continue reading

The fake debate

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best for the summer, but when it affects your health then it’s a different story all-together. Would you be willing to put your life at risk for a tan? It’s nearly June … Continue reading

DIY Nails Interview

Tamsin Koslowski, 23, from Stirling is the owner of the ever growing DIY Nails which has shot into popularity over the recent months. We caught her in between designing and nail painting to get the low-down on what it’s like living … Continue reading