Wrap star

We love nail art, but really don’t have the patience or precision skills to get the perfect results we dream of. This is why nail wraps are heaven sent! We tried Nail Rock’s super colourful ones which are stocked in most Boots stores and online, for £6.65.


1. Push back cuticle, shape and file the nail edge then gently remove surface shine using a nail buffer or a smooth nail file. Clean the nail using the nail prep wipe included in your pack.

2. Warm the product between your fingers / hands for 1-2 minutes before removing from the backing sheet. Select the Nail Rock wrap nearest to your cuticle size. These can be trimmed to fit if needed. Do not touch the adhesive side of the wrap that will be used on your nail.

3. Place at the cuticle edge and press firmly on to the nail. Work from the cuticle edge applying pressure and smoothing the wrap from the middle to the outside edges of the nail. If you have any creases, lift wrap slightly and stretch back over the nail. Apply pressure and smooth again.

4.Stretch firmly over the free edge of your nail and use your nail or a wooden hoof stick to tuck under the free edge. Trim to size with scissors and taking a smooth nail file, remove excess wrap by running file under the nail.

5. Repeat for each finger, saving the smallest wraps for the pinky!

et voila!

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