Show off your freckles

At Barefaced we love freckles. We may even jump on the bandwagon of some models who we’ve seen DRAW them on if they aren’t naturally blessed! So don’t hide them, flaunt them. Here’s how:

Daytime Look

Keep it simple. In this first look we used a light tinted moisturiser to give an even complexion. Any spots or blemishes can be covered with a concealer instead of heavy foundation.

When you think fresh-faced you think dewy, right? So add a touch of blush for some flushed just-been-on-a-run cheeks and a touch of highlighter. Highlighters are so easy to use and just make your skin look perfect!

If you like to use eyeshadow, then neutral tones are good for day-time. Add a slick of mascara if needed, and keep the rest simple with a bit of lip balm.

Night time Look

If you want to add a bit of drama for a special occasion then prepare your base just as before, with a tinted moisturiser and concealer and set with a fine powder so it won’t budge throughout the night!

We have added defiition to the eyes with some smokey eye shadows. Freckled and pale skins really suit muted greens and purples – they also make green eyes pop btw!

Add mascara for even more definition and a touch more blush and highlighter. If your eyes are quite made up, then don’t go for a heavy lip-colour as this will make you look over-done and distract from your freckly beauty.  A simple pink lipgloss does the trick perfectly.

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What do you think of our freckled beauty’s make-up?

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