How to: do a waterfall plait

how to: in Ten easy steps

1. Start by brushing the hair flat and smooth. You can straighten hair beforehand to get rid of frizz. You can also slightly dampen it with water to make it easier to work with.

2. Take the section of hair that you want to braid.

3. Just like a straightforward plait – and split into 3 equal sections.

4. Take the top section and pass it into the middle. Then take the bottom section and pass it into the middle – still just like a normal plait.

5. But this is where it gets tricky! Take the section that you haven’t yet used and hand it to your model. Make sure she holds it tight!

6. Then take a new section of hair from the top and add it to the existing top section. Now pass this into the middle.

7. Now take a whole new section of hair at the bottom to replace the one that you took out.

8. You should now have 3 sections again. Pass this section into the middle.Once again, pass the section you haven’t yet braided to your model.

9. Keep following this pattern until you have reached your desired effect.To end braid a normal pleat.

10. Secure tightly with some grips, covering them with loose hair and smoothing over.

Hair by Carolyn Bell, hair stylist and make-up artist currently working at Jennifer Jayne’s Hair Design in Bearsden, Glasgow. Thanks to gorgeous hair model Jen. Song is Dance by Soley. 

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