What to wear to… a gig

Full disclosure upfront: this post is kind of pointless because you can wear anything you like to a gig. Gigs are meant for having fun at, so wear whatever you feel comfortable enough to dance/mosh/jive/whatever in!

Usually gig attire is pretty straight forward and casual and personally, we at Barefaced like it that way. Leggings/jeans/denim shorts are excellent for jumping up and down in – skirts not so much.

Make sure your t-shirt or top is O.K with the likelihood of a drink being spilled down its back and carry a hoodie or cardigan to layer. It depends on where you live, but generally it’s cold at nights. Yes we have just realised how much we sound like our mums here…but hey practicality is cool so moving on to the next tip…

Flats. Try and avoid heels to a gig unless it’s like a tiny heel on your boots or something (maybe you need some added height to be able to see the stage) but generally if you are standing then you want flats that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty. Our favourites are Vans ‘cos they are the comfiest things in the world, but you can also get cheaper copycat ones from Topshop to Primark.

gig wearA gig is the best place to express yourself with accessories, so pile them on! At the moment we at Barefaced love lots of rings piled on each finger. We also love the sunglasses on our model featured here,  but our guess is that it won’t be too sunny in the venue. Maybe this is the one time style wins over practicality.

What do you think? Any favourite gig outfits you want to share?

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